Speak Easy by Jo Kadlecek

“Speak . . . easy”
a new play about writers, women and wisecracks
by Jo Kadlecek
Directed by Nicholas Papademetriou

Writer DJ Havel is stuck. She’s pregnant, on a deadline and reeling from her mother’s recent death. Enter legendary writers Dorothy Parker, Dorothy L. Sayers and Dorothy Day, and DJ’s found her muse—IF they’ll behave.

3-15 September 2019
7:30pm T,W,F,S; 5pm Sun
Annandale Creative Arts Centre
81 Johnston Street
Annandale, NSW 2038

New works matter. So do the writers who’ve had an impact on us in our own creative processes. “Speak . . . easy” celebrates both, as well as the UNSEEN contributions of artists to all of us!

The play introduces Sydney audiences to the great works and messy lives of legendary writers from the 1920s (and on): Dorothy Parker (The New Yorker), Dorothy Day (The Catholic Worker) and Dorothy L. Sayers (Lord Wimsey detective novels/ BBC culture). Against the backdrop of a young writer’s struggles, these Dorothys invite us to consider the various voices and perspectives of those unlike ourselves.

But a premiere production like this could NOT happen without the talents of those BEHIND the show: from the costume and set designers, to the sound and lighting masters, the stage manager and the director, all bring the story to life.

Our amazing unseen crew of gifted artists brought their cleverness to a unique stage so the actors could shine & the audience can delight.

We wanted to honour the inspiring gifts of our crew while asking them to bring their best work to this space. Once an historic church, this arts centre is now an exciting venue for concerts, discussions, art exhibits and dance recitals. “Speak . . . easy”, though, was one of the few professional theatre productions to be held this glorious old sanctuary!


Speak . . . easy in the news:

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“Speak . . . easy’ joins the dots with three Literary figures“—Scenestr 

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