It’s a Wonderful Life

June 28 – July 15

It’s a Wonderful Life is a wonderful title for a classic which practically everyone agrees is wonderful entertainment. 

A warm welcome to the new year! JTD is excited about what is in store for 2023. Firstly, our hugely popular production of Relativity by Mark St Germain will return for a brief season at the Riverside Theatres in Parramatta. We’re thrilled to give you five opportunities to catch (or catch again) Johann Walraven directing Nicholas Papademetriou as the great man Einstein, Nisrine Amine as Margaret (the journalist) and Alison Chambers as the vacuum-wielding housekeeper.

And then. JTD is heading back to the Hellenic Art Theatre (aka The Greek Theatre) where Nicholas Papademetriou will direct It’s a Wonderful Life and take audiences on a magical stage journey with the same theatrical wit and style he brought to our other big hit of last year, Babette’s Feast. We have a assembled a wealth of talent for this fresh and timely adaptation of the much-loved story. It’s a Wonderful Life is a universal favourite because it is funny, moving, charming and a deeply thought-provoking story. And given that it’s especially a favourite in the Christmas movie stakes, we’re offering pre-show, Christmas in July-themed dinners (tables of 10) on selected nights. Dinner on the Table (who wowed everyone with their three course gourmet meals before Babette’s Feast) are back. Book early for these tables.

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Hell Hole: A Love Story

“You had me at the sturdy suffragist. This play is not some kiddies ‘introduction to the saints’. Adele Querol gives a truly engaging performance as Dorothy Day, which is physically placed to resonate an earthliness and looseness as she inhabits the Hell Hole, a bar where the drinks are plentiful and slide down quickly. She is heartbreakingly practical and down to earth, yet so evidently hounded by something bigger than her motherhood and past sins. The precision of the undercurrents in this production is so finely presented. There is so much to enjoy here, the wonderful performances being uppermost.”

Reviews by Judith
3 – 13 March 2021, Chippen St. Theatre

Babette's Feast

“The play could easily be clunky and drawn out due to the transitions needed (and the setup of a banquet!), yet the transitions felt like perfectly timed dances, a breathtaking performance to watch within themselves.”

Julia Tidball  @ATYP


“Johann Walraven gives the play a strong production”

David Kary Sydney Arts Guide

Babette's Feast

“This was such an enjoyable production told in such a captivating and unique way. Time honestly flew by as I was so wrapped up in the story and characters. Tackling themes such as guilt loss service and love in a way not usually explored, Babette’s will be sure to serve its audiences and unforgettable feast.

Matthew Doherty @ The Fourth Wall


“Brilliant, Brilliant play last night. Opening Night 5/5 for Joining the Dots Theatre”

Rebecca Varidel  Scoop Magazine

Babette's Feast

“Walking into the Australian Premiere of Babette’s Feast I was unsure as what to expect, aside from thinking it would include well a Feast. I walked out feeling lost for words that could capture the beauty of this production”

Julia Tidball @ AYTP


“This is a new kind of theatre that provokes, entertains and engages with the mind”
Renee Lou Dallow City Hub

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