It's a Wonderful Life

June 28 - July 15 2023

2023 season

It’s a Wonderful Life

George Bailey has given up his dreams for the good of his home town. Struggling to deal with life’s knockbacks, an event happens on Christmas Eve that topples his world into darkness. When an unexpected visitor appears, George goes on a journey that will change his life forever. Brought to the stage, the much-loved Hollywood classic (#1 on the American Film Institute’s list of most inspirational films) tells a story that is as fresh and entertaining as it was in 1946 and with its themes of financial insecurity, high unemployment and the lack of affordable housing, it also speaks to our world today.

Our Wonderful Reviews!

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REVIEW: Sydney Theatre Reviews ~ 5 Stars

“Not only was the show absolutely flawless in every way, but it brought the magic of theatre alive”

“The ensemble breathe life into this this original adaptation inspired by the Hollywood film”

“Played by Alex Bryant-Smith with precision, clarity and compelling intensity”

It’s a Wonderful Life turned out to be wonderful in every way, making its core message come true: no man is a failure in life as long as he has friends. Thank you to one and all for giving the show its wings.”

REVIEW: "You owe it to yourself to get to this production" ~ Scoop ~ 5 stars

“It’s A Wonderful Life by Joining The Dots Theatre is a gift of love to Sydney.”

“Whether you already, like me, know this story, or not, you owe it to yourself to get to this production of It’s A Wonderful Life. And, as a side benefit, you will also be supporting independent theatre in Sydney.”

Joining The Dots Theatre delivers a really beautiful, heart-touching rendition of It’s A Wonderful Life. Really honest heart-felt performances make the characters seem real, despite the need of small independent theatre for the cast to perform multiple roles. I invested in these characters, and the pace of the play. As proof, in the final scenes, those tell-tale tears welled in my eyes, and trickled down my cheeks.”





REVIEW: Reel Dialogue ~ "The crowd responded with cheers, laughter & tears as this beautiful story came to life on stage"

Audiences will come away entertained and encouraged as you are transported to Bedford Falls to rediscover the value of life.’

“What stands out about this production is the commitment of the cast, who all embody the multitude of characters each is expected to play. Each represents their role with convincing form and propels this production forward. This became even more apparent as the crowd responded with cheers, laughter, and tears as this beautiful story came to life on stage.

“Director Nicholas Papademetriou’s vision captured the magic of George Bailey’s (Alex Bryant-Smith) journey through life in Bedford Falls. He conveyed the nostalgic tone needed to honour the cinematic classic while incorporating ingenuity into the stage production, giving this familiar tale a new life. “

REVIEW: Wonderful to see it again ~ Sydney Arts Guide ~ 4 stars

Sydney Arts Guide     

 Joining the Dots Theatre is excited to welcome back director Nicholas Papademetriou, and the team from Babette’s Feast (“wonderful, inventive theatre” – Sydney Arts Guide; “stunning and original” – Sydney Scoop). With a superlative cast, the cock-eyed optimism of It’s a Wonderful Life will warm your hearts (and your July) and remind us that how we deal with others is as good a way as any to start to change the world.

Pre-show Christmas-themed dinners are available on selected nights, catered by Dinner on the Table.

Dates:  28 June – 15 July 2023
Location: Hellenic Art Theatre (The Greek Theatre), 36/142 Addison Rd, Marrickville


Wednesday 28 June:     8pm Preview Performance

Thursday  29 June:        8pm Opening night performance

Friday 30 June:              8pm Evening Performance

Saturday 1  July:             2pm Matinee Performance  &  8pm Evening Performance

Wednesday 5 July:         8pm Evening Performance

Thursday 6 July:            8pm Evening Performance

Friday 7 July:                 8pm Evening Performance

Saturday 8 July:            2pm Matinee Performance &  8pm Evening Performance

Wednesday 12 July:       8pm Evening Performance

Thursday 13 July:          8pm Evening Performance

Friday 14 July:              8pm Evening Performance

Saturday 15 July:          2pm Matinee Performance  &  8pm Evening Performance

Cast & Creatives

Nicholas Papademetriou
Alex Bryant-Smith
Mark Barry
Luca Beretta
Alison Chambers
Ally Laybutt
Eliane Morel
Nick Paranamos
Madeline Withington
Jasmin Borsovszky
Ruby Jenkins
Alexander Lee-Rekers
Jaime Petersen

Enjoy pre-show dinner dining and performance at It’s a Wonderful Life

Dinner on the Table is a social enterprise, gifting meals to families living with disability. With every meal you buy and every event you invite them to cater, you are also helping vulnerable families by putting dinner on their tables.  We love their food. We love their heart. 

Dinner on the Table is partnering with us to provide a delicious pre-show Christmas inspired dinner on selected nights. There are only three tables of ten available for each Thurs, Fri & Sat night performances.  We encourage you to book this as soon as possible. 

Tables of ten are for sale here  or email us at joiningthedotstheatre@ gmail. com if you have a smaller group.  


Thursday 29 June       Pre show Dinner & Performance (dinner group of 10, 6 or 4 welcome on this night)

Friday 30 June            Pre show Dinner & Performance  (dinner has sold out for this evening)

Saturday 1 July            Pre show Dinner & Performance  (dinner has sold out for this evening)

Thursday 6 July          Pre show Dinner & Performance

Friday 7 July               Pre show Dinner & Performance (dinner group of 10, 4 or 6 welcome on this night)

Saturday 8 July          Pre show Dinner & Performance

Thursday 13 July        Pre show Dinner & Performance

Friday 14 July             Pre show Dinner & Performance (dinner has sold out for this evening)

Saturday 15 July         Pre show Dinner & Performance  (1 table left)

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